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In an attempt to keep myself from lashing out right now in frustration, I'm going to write. I've taken on apprentices. LoL Sad and funny at the same time. And I'm gonna go buy a metric fuckton of music mainly cause it's time I shut the bullshitters up. I'm not plastic. I'm not fake. I'm not out for fame or glamour or even popularity. I spin cause music is my life and cause there are people who enjoy my sets. So I do it for them. And I'll continue to use whatever skills I have at my disposal to step over the drama with the beats. Music is my religion. And my next step is hitting the rave scene with enough hardstyle force and a sense of my 5witchin style that got me my respect. Say fuckin word!

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Jun. 3rd, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Качественный блог
Приятно, сидя на работе. Отвлечься, от этой надоевшей работы. Расслабиться, и читать написанную тут информацию :)