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July's Just Full Blown Chaos!

Starting on July 6th and ending sometime before August, Jaison Reno Switchblade intends on invading party after party and celebrating his birthday the way he knows how: CLUB IT UP! So pick a party, or pick them all. But I request that everybody make it out to somewhere and help me make this birthday one that I will, either, never forget, or barely survive! LOL Party up with the newskool party freq, yer boy Dj .5witcH.HitteR. - The Hitter of Switches and Skull-splitter of Drama-bitches. LOL Sorry, I'm being arrogant right now.

Tuesday July 6th - Sugar NY @ The Delancey Lounge
Electrosexxxy and Burlesque

Wednesday July 7th - Underworld @ Sullivan Room
Goth never looked so good. Spinning a Set of Goth/Industrial/Rock

Thursday July 8th(The Actual Birthday) - Anomaly @ The Pyramid
There's a glitch in the system...and the bass will be dangerous! Ravers need to check this out, Rivetheads need to stomp the tiles, and The Black Bombs will be performing live.

Friday July 9th - Dinner And... @ Hard Grove Cafe & ???
I haven't been to the restaurant in almost a year. It's time I go back again and get my damn mojito! Afterwords, well, stay tuned to see what comes up(still trying to schedule something there).

Saturday July 10th - Board The Liteship @ The Frying Pan
My friend Anaida's 25th birthday is on the same day as mine, and she's setting up a little dinner party aboard The Frying Pan. I'll be DJing there. Possible trip to P3ligro/Defcon as well so stay tuned.

Sunday July 11th - Shade
There's only one place where one can get their drink on, get some crapes, and chill out with the coolest liquor pimp Lauri!

Tuesday July 13th - Sugar NY @ The Delancey Lounge
We return to the house of sexxxy and electronic music. Why? Cause Marcin is an awesome bartender and Dj Cub knows how to really mix up the hottest tracks!

Friday July 16th - REVOLUTION 6: The Summer of Hardstyle @ Oceana Hall
It's been 3 Years since my mother passed away. And without Asylum Guild's "Synthetic Honour" party to celebrate the memory of the woman who gave me life and taught me to do what makes me feel alive, I have to substitute.
She always told me to keep an open mind and to try new things. And it's with that spirit that I will celebrate it at REVOLUTION 6. I will party it up in her name. House of Switchblade style.

Saturday July 17th - Stimulate @ Crash Mansion
It's been a long time coming, but it'll be well worth the wait. Dj Cub and Myself will be tag-teaming those decks and destroying that dance floor with pulse pounding, ass shaking, and completely awesome tracks from various genres! If music is your fetish, let us indulge you.

Sunday July 18th - Let's Hit Shade Again!
A round two with the liquor pimp Lauri.

More Events/Details will be added as time goes on, and if anybody has any suggested spots to hit up, please let me know at jai@dj5witchhitter.net

The invite on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=125170894189564

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