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It's amazing how alone I should be and kinda wish i was...


Busy Busy Man

So I've been slacking. I haven't been spending time in the studio. Both Rob Gee and How Hard are on my case about it(How Hard mainly cause I'm signed to Hard X Music). Been working on mixes, bookings, and other party things. Life is so busy.

DisturbancE Unit Productions
(Booking Agents / Event Planning / Promotional Services)

Delineation Digital Media
(Photography / Graphic Design)

Hard X Music
(Hard Kryptic Records / Darker Than Hell Records)

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In an attempt to keep myself from lashing out right now in frustration, I'm going to write. I've taken on apprentices. LoL Sad and funny at the same time. And I'm gonna go buy a metric fuckton of music mainly cause it's time I shut the bullshitters up. I'm not plastic. I'm not fake. I'm not out for fame or glamour or even popularity. I spin cause music is my life and cause there are people who enjoy my sets. So I do it for them. And I'll continue to use whatever skills I have at my disposal to step over the drama with the beats. Music is my religion. And my next step is hitting the rave scene with enough hardstyle force and a sense of my 5witchin style that got me my respect. Say fuckin word!

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Every Wednesday is Knockturnal Emissions with Dj Nick Diablo on AntiFM Radio.com(one word), and this past Wednesday was me, your loveable Dj .5witcH.HitteR., as the guest DJ for the special HRDSTYL 2010 show! And I brought it! ^.^ You can go download it now from the website(http://www.antifmradio.com) for free and hear all the goodness me and Nick Diablo spun! The track lists are all up there as well. ^.^
I has made a new mix for everyone to check out! And to prove he didn't just let the computer do it for him, there's some errors on it. LoL http://www.dj5witchhitter.net/files/mp3s/take_it_to_da_haus.mp3

I'll put up the track listing later.

Underworld is Tomorrow!


The Underworld Returns!
With some Madness and a bit of Mayhem

Templar Bride of Wire V-Christ
Special Guest: .5witcH.HitteR.!
(Asylum Guild, Euphoria)

Spinning Goth • Post-Punk • EBM • Dark

Keeper of the Keys: Mandana
Hostess: Francine

Mad Drink Specials
Private Lounges
Absinthe on
Video Nastys

The Lovely Sullivan Room

218 Sullivan
btw Bleecker & W3rd

Doors Open 10pm

Spread the

Euphoria Tonight has been Postponed

To all those who were looking forward to Euphoria's Cardiac Arrest Ball: it seems mother nature was against us in this turn. So we regret to inform you that tonight's event has been postponed to a later date and time. Trust me, we were hoping that the snow would avoid us, but we can't get lucky two snowstorms in a row. So again, we're sorry, but tonight, stay in, stay warm, and we'll bring you The Cardiac Arrest Ball *The Delayed Version* at a later date and time. Sorry guys!

A Mix MP3

http://www.dj5witchhitter.net/files/mp3s/the_essence_of_5witchin.mp3 - 78:24

Dj Scribble - Enigma
New Order - Confusion(Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)
The Lost Brothers - Cry Little Sister(Steve Murano Remix)
God Module - Victim Among Friends
Combichrist - Joy To The World
The Retrosic - Revolution
Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, and Kill
Tactical Sekt - Devil's Work
Uberbyte - Stand Up(For Uberbyte)
Shaolyn - Face Down
FGFC820 - Killing Fields
Xotox - Lass Mich(Noisef-X Remix)
Shnarph! - Der Liebe Tod
Terrorfakt - The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself
Analogue Brain - Dead Keen On(V.2)
Angerfist - The Switch(remix)
Evil Activities - Never Fall Asleep
Druglord - XTC Power
Dj Rick James - Slap(Chapelle Skit Remix)

Doubt this will earn me any respect, but at least it proves I can beatmatch. And in the end, this is more for me than anybody else.